We help partners design, structure and implement successful entrepreneurship programs.

We specialize in combining ‘on-the-ground’ programs with virtual acceleration support made available via the VC4A.com platform.

Typically, we select acceleration partners located in the countries of scope, and then support them with our network, technical infrastructure and expertise. VC4A.com is used to run outreach campaigns and to to get applications in for the program. Program partners use a growing number of tools to assess and select the candidates that best meet the program’s criteria. All entrepreneurs receive free access to VC4A’s online platform where they can access learning, mentorship, fundraising and program opportunities, and to improve their knowledge about running a successful venture.


After the program is completed, the VC4A team supports partners with pitch trainings, putting together deal books, and circulating the pitch decks in the investor network. VC4A also supports program partners with event program design and invites select investors from its network to join networking meetings and pitch events. The combination of activities helps to create a buzz around our program, our partners and the participants.


Bottom line, VC4A ensures entrepreneurs receive the support and visibility they need to grow their networks, form new partnerships, and grow their business. And when the program comes to an end, VC4A continues to offer participants a virtual home – where they can continue to learn, network and grow.


Through its crowdsourced funding platform, VC4A reduces the cost of finding and conducting due diligence on small and growing African businesses, stimulates partnering through virtual and physical meeting spaces, and facilitates pooling of capital in all its productive forms to help these businesses realize their potential.

Entrepreneurs engage VC4A at different stages of venture development i.e. from initial idea stage to seeking growth capital. VC4A assumes the entrepreneur transitions between different phases in which they are prototyping, fundraising, hiring, building, fundraising, etc.


At each point throughout the venture lifecycle VC4A positions relevant tools and services. Over the course of the entrepreneur’s engagement with VC4A and its partners, they establish a meaningful track record and build up a valuable network of contacts. The entrepreneur leverages this foundation to address their needs as related to both organizational and financial matters.


Listed entrepreneurs have access to online fundraising tools, mentorship opportunities and an overview of entrepreneurship programs. Accredited investors registered as part of the VC4A Investor Network can see which screened ventures are fundraising, track their progress over time and review private documents. Through strategic partnerships with more than 900 ecosystem building organizations active on the continent, VC4A is able to efficiently connect its members with the on the ground support they need. In this way, VC4Africa lowers barriers to investing in the continent’s most promising entrepreneurs.


Every project is different. VC4A works with partners at an early stage to design programs effectively. We tailor our support and services to fit your unique situation and to ensure a tailor-made approach. That said, all our work shares one thing in common —> leveraging our network and infrastructure to accelerate African entrepreneurship!