Through partnership and collaboration, we believe it is possible to build robust entrepreneurial ecosystems across the African continent.

VC4A Consulting offers its online infrastructure (, network and expertise for the implementation of programs that seek to contribute to Africa’s startup movement.

In turn, these strategic collaborations create value for entrepreneurs in VC4A’s network, on the ground partners and global network of investors and mentors. We share our years of experience gained implementing startup programs on the continent, and work with our partners to design smart and effective interventions.

Our energy comes from realizing common goals and making a tangible contribution.

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Our Africa platform for startup funding, (Venture Capital for Africa) is a fast growing community of business professionals in 159 countries dedicated to building game changing companies on the African continent.

We believe entrepreneurship is a key driver for the continent’s continued development. Entrepreneurship should be a main driver in Africa’s economic growth, in particular the high growth high potential ventures working to develop important innovations and disruptive new business models. This breed of company offers a significant source of employment and provides an important income stream for future generations. The entrepreneurs VC4A exists to support contribute up to two thirds of national GDP and provide the foundation for a stable middle class. They help form strong communities and are a powerful force for development.


Venture Capital for Africa (VC4Africa) started in 2007 with the mission to build up Africa’s start up community. The network building organization has grown organically over the years into what is now the leading community working to build high growth high impact companies on the continent.

Africa’s increased economic momentum is fueled by a growing number of entrepreneurs and their ambition to transform the continent. It is imperative we seek out the collaborations and partnerships needed to bring together the capital, knowledge and network these entrepreneurs require to succeed. In collaboration with a growing network of partners, the VC4Africa community of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors is central to bolstering the Entrepreneurial ecosystem across the continent, and offers a direct channel for anyone serious about being part of Africa’s next great success story.